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Laura Hampton

Zabisco are digital user experience agency who produce engaging designs and content for websites and mobile. They work with clients of all sizes and sectors on strategy, production and sustainable online marketing.

Zabisco has built up a positive reputation within the industry and with clients alike, centring all work on an understanding of the end user. Led by managing director Hammad Khan, who has worked extensively in user experience and continues to provide consultation in the area, Zabisco’s ability to combine functionality and usability with design and engagement has led them to work with an impressive client portfolio, including Barclays, the British Heart Foundation, Toshiba and the IET.

Zabisco’s core services are User Experience, Content Engagement, Websites & Mobile and Digital Marketing, based around a team of information architects, copywriters, designers, marketers and developers.

Laura Hampton works within Content Engagement and Digital Marketing; a role which is varied but always centred on engaging the end user through content, from text to video and infographics, and through the use of social media and search to build up real brand affiliations. Laura’s articles on UX Magazine draw on her knowledge and that of her colleagues to cover a range of topics within UX.

For more articles and blog posts from Zabisco, visit their blog at www.zabisco.com/blog or follow them on Twitter @Zabisco.

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