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Karel Barnoski

Karel Barnoski is currently Director of 2octave, an audio design company specializing in product sonification for interaction, audio design strategy, and audio branding. Karel has created award-winning sound for products ranging from digital cameras to kitchen appliances. Karel’s passion for innovative sound design has made a positive impact on products consumers interact with every day. Karel Barnoski, born March 2, 1977, was raised in Amsterdam, New York. He took interest in the arts at an early age and went on to study design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Here he earned a BFA in Illustration and a MFA in Computer Graphics. Currently, Karel works as a designer for Element K, a leading e-learning company. He also directs 2octave, his Rochester-based visual and sound design studio. 2octave’s most recent projects included a partnership with Kodak to develop cutting-edge sound design for their 2005 digital camera portfolio.

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