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Jurgen Gravestein

Jurgen Gravestein is a writer and conversation designer. He was employee no. 1 at Conversation Design Institute and now works for the strategy and delivery branch CDI Services helping companies drive business value with conversational AI. Feel free to subscribe to his newsletter Teaching computers how to talk.

Since personal computing’s inception in the 80s, we’ve shifted from command-line to graphical user interfaces. The recent advent of conversational AI has reversed the ‘locus of control’: computers can now understand and respond in natural language. It’s shaping the future of UX.

Article by Jurgen Gravestein
How Conversational AI Is Shaping The Future of UX 
  • The article discusses the transformative impact of conversational AI on UX design, emphasizing the need for user-centric approaches and the emerging societal changes driven by AI technology.
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3 min read

We’ve hit a turning point, or tipping point if you will, in the history of technology. It’s changing the way we design digital products and services forever, and if you think that I’m being hyperbolic, don’t take my word for it.

Article by Jurgen Gravestein
Why Every UX Designer Should Study Conversation Design
  • The article discusses the significance of incorporating conversation design into UX design, emphasizing the growing role of generative AI in shaping digital products and services.
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