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Juan Manuel Carraro

User Experience, Service Design & Design Thinking Practices Leader | Corvalius

Juan helps organizations and startups to build better products and provide services that delight customers in a profitable way for the business. He leads, trains and mentor teams to incorporate User Experience, Service Design and Design Thinking processes and technics through a Human-Centered and Agile approach. For the last 15 years he has worked for technology and service companies, entrepreneurs, consulting and interactive agencies developing projects in Latam and the United States. Juan is a lecturer, academic advisor and regular speaker at seminars and other related events on User Experience, Service Design, Design Thinking and Lean UX. 

He holds a Masters Degree in Economy and Business Administration from ESEADE, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. 

To optimally integrate experience design in an organization, it’s helpful to first map out its maturity level.

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