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Jonathon Hensley is co-founder and CEO of Emerge, a digital product consulting firm that works with companies to improve operational agility and customer experience. For more than two decades, Hensley has helped startups, Fortune 100 brands, technology leaders, large regional health networks, manufacturers, financial institutions, non-profit organizations and more transform their businesses by turning strategy, user needs and new technologies into valuable digital products and services.

How to improve customer experience by mapping the current state of the business and adopting a growth mindset.

Article by Jonathon Hensley
Current State vs. Future State: Innovating your Customer Experience and Increasing Productivity
  • The challenges caused by the pandemic force businesses to rethink their customer experience and invest in strategic planning.
  • To start, it’s necessary to analyze the current state, identify weaknesses, and focus on inclusive knowledge management to find opportunities to improve the organization.
  • Some of the most common inefficiency problems include non-utilized talent and extra processing.
  • Improve customer experience and productivity by looking for cumulative, connected or capacity insights.
Read the full article to learn more about innovating customer experience and why its necessary.
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