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Jessica Sherratt

A Head of User Experience; with over seven years’ experience working in user experience and engaged with a variety of sub-disciplines, such as interaction design, strategy and prototyping. Working with a huge variety of research methods in order to uncover true user and business problems to help identify where to improve current products and services. Furthering knowledge in accessibility in order to be an advocate to design products that are inclusive as well as usable.

Start using service design for organisational change.

Stop Doing Digital Transformation
  • According to the author, there are many ways digital transformation can go wrong – ignoring the human layer, money and time disbalance, and using digitisation only.
  • The author believes that organizations should prioritize a more human-centered and experimental approach to change-making if they are to transition successfully.
  • The article covers the main concepts of successful digital transformation:
    • service design;
    • human-centered solutions;
    • lean approach.
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Digital transformation

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