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Jeremy Olson

Founder | Tapity

Jeremy has always been right at the intersection of design and software. As a homeschooled kid, he always loved art and was delighted to discover software development as an outlet for his creativity.

After ten years of building software, Jeremy landed his first big success at the age of 19 as a Sophomore at UNC Charlotte when he built an iPhone app called Grades. Apple not only featured Grades on the App Store homepage, but awarded the second version the coveted Apple Design Award in 2011 and Grades has since become one of the most popular Education apps on the App Store, being featured in national press such as Fox News and the Huffington Post.

Now a senior, Jeremy has transformed his company Tapity into a full time business and his team works with startups and big brands alike to craft delightful apps for iOS.

The creators of RedLaser, a popular iPhone app, tell the UX story behind their success.

Article by Jeffrey Powers, Vikas Reddy, Jeremy Olson
Share:How UX Can Drive Sales in Mobile Apps
23 min read

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