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Jeremy Cherry

Designer, writer, and educator |

Jeremy D. Cherry is a designer, writer, and educator. Relentlessly optimistic about the power of design, he lives by the words “A better way is possible.” With over a decade of experience telling stories through brands and screens, he has worked with clients from a wide variety of industries based all over the globe. He works at Journey Group in Charlottesville, VA. He writes and speaks about the intersection of digital design and ethics, seeking to add hope back to the conversation. His work has been featured by Creative Mornings, Communication Arts, Framer, Humane by Design, Modus, UX Collective, Sidebar, Smashing Magazine, Story Matters, and Web Designer News.

Wrestling with mental health on- and off-screen

Article by Jeremy Cherry
A designer’s guide to anxiety
  • The global burden of anxiety disorders is constantly increasing, as does the need to discuss how technologies contribute to it and whether designers can alleviate the problem.
  • Although designers are not to blame for modern anxiety, they have the tools to incentivise healthier living.
  • Users, for their part, have to examine how they interact with technologies and how that affects their mental health.
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