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Jen Briselli

Jen is a strategist with a passion for science, education, and empowering people through design. To her, being a designer means being an enabler rather than a problem solver – creating the tools and environments that empower people to solve their own problems, and building agency into the interactions between clients, their customers, and the channels that connect them. At Mad*Pow, she does just that as VP, Experience Strategy & Service Design.

Prior to joining Mad*Pow, Jen designed tools that helped customers redefine education at Blackboard, and created intuitive and enriching interactive experiences for clients at Isobar. But even before “design” was included in her title, she spent several years as a physics teacher designing learning experiences, and later studying design strategy and service design at Carnegie Mellon University. When she’s not thinking about design strategy, she’s probably playing ice hockey, baking vegan cookies, or listening to loud music with unintelligible lyrics.


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