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Jeff Sauro

Jeff Sauro is a six-sigma trained statistical analyst and founding principal of Measuring Usability LLC. For fifteen years he’s been conducting usability and statistical analysis for companies such as PayPal, Walmart, Autodesk, and Kelley Blue Book or working for companies such as Oracle, Intuit, and General Electric.

Jeff has published over fifteen peer-reviewed research articles and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Usability Studies. He is a regular presenter and instructor at the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) and Usability Professionals Associations (UPA) conferences. 

Jeff received his Masters in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford University with a concentration in statistical concepts. Prior to Stanford, he received his B.S. in Information Management & Technology and B.S. in Television, Radio, and Film from Syracuse University. He lives with his wife and three children in Denver, CO.

Say hello to the Adjusted-Wald Binomial Confidence Interval, a powerful method for making better user experience decisions

Article by Jim Lewis, Jeff Sauro
Share:A New Formula for Quantitative UX Decision Making
9 min read

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