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Jason Gillard

Jason Gillard, a writer for Media Contour, is a designer who understands user experience, interaction design, usability, and prototyping and adds to that strong visual design skills. He has been described as a UX Unicorn, that mythical creature with adaptive design skills, but prefers to be compared to the Ox.

In spite of his visual design adroitness he believes that simplicity is the key to great experiences. This simplicity can be achieved through the design of an experiential framework, which creates a dialogue with the user, rather than the design of art assets, which create a single impression.Jason sees design as an ongoing conversation that adapts and responds to the changing needs of the audience. Converse with Jason on Twitter.

Self-described “Search Information Architect” Marianne Sweeny dicusses her design process, her favorite products, and her views on collaboration

Article by Jason Gillard
Share:UX as the New SEO: an interview with Marianne Sweeny
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