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James Glasnapp

With expertise in domestic and international work in ethnography, evaluation, planning, behavioral theory, modeling, requirement analysis, competency transfer, advertising, and public health, James Glasnapp manages PARC’s Workscapes and Organization team. He is currently interested in how ethnographic observations of information flow in hospital and clinic settings during transitions to EMRs can facilitate improvements in work practice and streamline processes.

James has conducted ethnographic research in eight countries on a multi-national global account sales team to inform the development of PARC technologies that improve the way distributed teams will work in the future. Interested in technological innovation with respect to human interaction, James co-developed a model for human-display interaction with PARC computer scientists based on ethnographic observations. He motivates clients to look beyond the obvious and imagine future possibilities, and is inspired by opportunities to use ethnographic data to achieve process and/or technological innovation.

Dr. Glasnapp received his doctorate and masters degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was also an award-winning educator.

James is an avid competitive swimmer and hiker.

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