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James Chudley

UX Director cxpartners | cxpartners

James is a UX Director at cxpartners where he runs large user centred design projects. Over the last 15 years he’s led UX teams, managed digital products and provided UX research and design consultancy to the great and good of the web.

He regularly speaks at local and international events, co-authored Smashing UX Design, wrote Usability of Web Photos and co-founded UXBristol.

Taking your user research out of the usability lab and into the field can give you better insights, educate your client, and energize your team.

Article by James Chudley
Share:Get out of the Lab and into the Real World
7 min read

Photos have the power to make or break a users’ experience—make sure they are communicating your message properly.

Article by James Chudley
Share:Evaluating the Usability of Web Photos
7 min read

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