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Jacqueline Wechsler

I am passionate about change and enabling better futures for individuals, society and the planet. My professional focus is on three mutually enforcing components (1) practice/doing, (2) teaching/sharing and (3) learning. There is no one approach for change and my work draws on multiple practices including Human Centred Design, Systems Thinking, Organisational Change, Theory U, Futures, Asset-Based Community Development, Neuroscience, and Non-violent Communication. A life long learner, my practice is continually evolving. I believe that inner work is necessary for change related practice and I am currently completing an ICF Coaching Accreditation focused on Process-Oriented Psychology and Embodiment. Based in Australia, I consult independently as Sticky Design Studio and convene a community of practice called Social Design Sydney.

There are different ways participatory design can influence young people with cognitive disability. Read reflections on co-design methodology and ways it can help.

Reflections: Co-Designing with Young People with Cognitive Disability
  • In this article, Jax Wechsler, Principal Designer at Sticky Design Studio, shares:
    • Facts about Young People with a cognitive disability that may be useful when working with this group
    • Discussion and reflections about her methodological choices
  • Things to know about Young People with cognitive disabilities:
    • Ability levels can be very nuanced, every Young Person is different
    • Life Tasting not Life Wasting!
    • The level of advocacy of parents impacts experiences and opportunities for Young People with Cognitive Disabilities
    • Social inclusion and relationships are keys to wellbeing
  • Reflections on Co-Design Methodology:
    • Recruitment is hard!
    • Using referrals and ‘snowball sampling’
    • It’s important to build rapport
    • Understanding ability and research design
    • Cultural probes/diary studies are gold
    • Parents mediating participation
    • Flexibility is key
    • Value in participation
Share:Reflections: Co-Designing with Young People with Cognitive Disability
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Reflections : Co-Designing with Young People with Cognitive Disability

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