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Guido is an award-winning leader in experience design and digital innovation. A tireless optimist and creative evangelist, he specializes in building multidisciplinary design, product, and engineering teams from the ground up. Through mindful mentorship and thought leadership, Guido fosters organizations that deliver game-changing product experiences and transform businesses big and small into market leaders of the future. Guido has recently come back to Europe to become Chief Design Officer at Accenture Interactive in Amsterdam and is now working as Creative Director for icon incar in Berlin, where he leads the design practice across multiple mobility and automotive programs. Before moving to Amsterdam, Guido worked on consumer products in the United States—first at TripAdvisor, where he directed the global creative team, and then at Samsung, where he founded the first in-house experience design practice (Samsung UXD) to support the company’s global e-commerce and other product-based efforts.

Article by Guido Baratta
Remote Or Not Remote? That Is The Question
  • The article delves into the ongoing debate between remote work and office work, exploring the challenges, benefits, and changing dynamics brought by the pandemic and employee preferences.
  • The author shares insights on the impact of remote work on productivity, employee desires for flexibility, and the evolving priorities in the modern workplace.
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4 min read

All aspects of conflict, including how it’s covered internationally, are changing because of the mobile devices we carry


Article by Guido Baratta
Share:Mobile Technology is Thwarting Russian Propaganda Efforts, Saving Ukrainian Lives, and Reshaping News Media
9 min read
Mobile Technology is Thwarting Russian Propaganda Efforts, Saving Ukrainian Lives, and Reshaping News Media

War is the worst horror of all. Some flee, some fight, some stay. Read one UX designer’s story, a resident of a Ukrainian city, Irpin.

Article by Guido Baratta
Share:Glimpses of War from a UX Designer in Irpin, Ukraine
3 min read

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