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Grand Studio is a Chicago-based digital product and design consultancy with a storied history of helping some of the country’s most prominent organizations (​​Amazon, McDonald’s, Allstate, JPMorgan Chase, and J&J) to define, design, and release successful digital products.  With deep expertise in creating definition in ambiguous problem areas, Grand Studio probes on what matters to which users and understands behavioral elements and habits that contribute to the success of your product or service.Want to learn how we can collaborate on a project and build clarity out of complexity? Click here to connect!

Predictions for UX Industry in 2022

The State of UX Design in 2022: What Lies Ahead
  • Grand Studio explores the changes that UX industry is observing in 2022:
    • Better connections with peers, customers, and users
    • Accessibility: creating for everyone, not just the majority
    • Data accumulation and the value of data
    • The importance of data visualization
    • No code technology prospects
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The State of UX Design in 2022: What Lies Ahead

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