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Elisa del Galdo

Elisa has over 20 years of experience in the field of user experience, beginning with a strong educational background where she was taught and mentored by some of the most influential people in the industry. Elisa is currently the Director of User Experience at Flow Interactive and is responsible for the quality and delivery of all user experience activities and training. She ensures best practice methodologies are employed by all of Flow’s user experience team and directly oversees all of Flow’s larger user experience projects. Most recently and previous to her position at Flow, Elisa was the Head of User Experience at Webcredible, the Chief of Technical Staff (EMEA) at Human Factors International and ran her own international business, del Galdo Consulting, where she sold, designed, and managed projects in over 12 different countries.

She has expertise in usability testing, conceptual and detail design, internationalisation, speech recognition interfaces, management of user experience groups, and the development and delivery of training. Elisa is a published author and researcher in the field of user experience, including books, peer reviewed conferences and journals, and more mainstream media, presented workshops at international user experience conferences and has been an invited speaker for a number of UPA UK events.

Elisa was an invited speaker at InternetWorld 2007 and 2008 where she spoke on the Return on Investment of Usability and the Influence of Persuasion, Emotion and Trust on User Experience. Most recently she has presented a tutorial at UPA International 2010 on Research in Practice, was an invited speaker at the Czech Republic User Experience Conference in Prague in 2010 and was the Conference co-Chair of IWIPS2010 Growing Global Design Communities held in London.

Although over the second half of her career she has taken on management and team building roles, Elisa has remained a practitioner as well. She has a hands-on management style, mentoring staff, taking on project work when required, and ensuring quality of deliverables. Elisa is a constant learner and thrives on new challenges, whether it be designing for a technology new to her, building a user experience group, or defining new methods for more effective data collection or evaluation.

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