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Doug Klein

Vice President | Rosetta

Doug is an Associate Partner at Rosetta who has held leadership positions in marketing since 1995. A former Walt Disney Imagineer, he has worked in corporate marketing departments, traditional agencies and interactive agencies to build brands and integrate digital properties into cross-device multi-channel marketing campaigns that deliver breakthrough results. He is a frequent speaker, teacher and writer on the future of marketing, results-oriented enterprise marketing strategy, the interplay of digital marketing channels, customer lifecycle messaging, social media marketing, and enterprise analytics/optimization.

It seems as though users respond to digital social experiences that make them feel something.

Article by Doug Klein
Share:Creating Social Experiences that Customers Care About
5 min read

Determining the crucial points of customer interaction can help you design experiences that connect, engage, and sell.

Article by Doug Klein
Share:Moments that Matter … Moments that Don’t
7 min read

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