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Doug Hopkins

User Experience Director | Isobar

Doug Hopkins is a user experience director at Isobar, leading and directing user experience design, research, design validation and design strategy efforts for large, Fortune 500 client engagements. With 23 years of experience in digital product design and development, Doug is a highly seasoned resource who has led efforts in numerous industries and contexts—web marketing, ecommerce, large scale B2B systems, consumer packaged goods, financial services, and much more.

Doug’s focus in recent years has been in deeply transactional, large scale distributed experiences that are multi-channel/multi-form factor, incorporating adaptive/ responsive design approaches and methodologies. Prior to joining Isobar, Doug led all user research and testing efforts at Rosetta Marketing, managing a state of the art testing/research center and a dedicated testing team.

For connected cars to truly connect with users OEM’s need to figure out what’s really important to drivers and make their information systems simple to use.

Article by Doug Hopkins
Share:Avoiding Featuritis in the Connected Car Gold Rush
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