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David Nickelson

As Director of Digital Engagement at Siteworx, David’s team integrates and applies extensive digital, marketing, communications, and behavioral learning and expertise to all aspects of Web design and development, including mobile applications, social media strategies, CMS, enterprise search, e-commerce and analytics.

Prior to Siteworx, David served as the Director of Internet Strategy & Operations at the American Diabetes Association, a $200 million voluntary health association. David transformed the way online visitors connected and engaged with the organization, and the way the organization stewarded its constituents into deeper, multivariate and multichannel relationships. He was responsible for all aspects of national eCRM, online content management, ecommerce, email/electronic marketing and online success measurement metrics.

Trained as a behavioral scientist and attorney, David provides a unique, multichannel digital marketing approach that draws on social science and web usability research to create powerful electronic experiences that engage customers and forge long-term relationships. David’s team of skilled interactive marketing specialists systematically determines where digital customer experiences lack critical alignment and provides thoughtful, detailed recommendations that significantly improve awareness, acquisition, retention, and overall lifetime engagement per customer. Drawing on the interplay between technological and human systems, David and the Siteworx team can provide a road-map and support for driving critically needed digital change, growth and cross-channel alignment.

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