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David McGaw

Strategy Director | Embarcadero Partners

David McGaw is Strategy Director at Embarcadero Partners, a San Francisco-based consulting firm. Working with an interdisciplinary team, he helps clients turn great ideas into cultures and practices that create value. His background includes corporate and innovation strategy, organizational transformation, project leadership, and business development roles at Monitor/Doblin (Chicago and San Francisco), gravitytank (Chicago), and McKinsey & Company (Washington, DC). Clients he has served include leading consumer electronics, computer hardware/software, consumer goods, and insurance companies; large private philanthropic foundations; and agencies of US federal and state governments. Prior to his work in innovation, he was a brand strategist at Alliant Studios, and a creative director at Cru, a global non-profit based in Orlando. David holds an undergraduate degree in History from Yale, and a Master of Design from the IIT Institute of Design, where he has taught graduate classes in project management and concept evaluation, and created the “Fostering Creativity” course. He currently teaches the “Leading Innovation” module in the Master of Business Innovation degree program at CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico. He co-authored “And the Winner Is…”, a McKinsey & Company report on innovation and philanthropic prizes. Get in touch with David at mcgaw.net, or follow him on Twitter: @mcgaw.

The authors of Naked Innovation share insights from the first iteration of their book, which is currently being revised using community feedback.

Article by David McGaw, Zachary Jean Paradis
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