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Danielle Mallett

A recent graduate of the University of Manitoba working in the vast field of social media and digital marketing. Passionate about entrepreneurship, brand development, content creation, and career evolution. Demonstrating expertise in client services, team leadership and growth, planning and organization. Confident utilizing all social media platforms, Adobe and Microsoft suites, SEO, and Google Analytics.

If you’re a tech-led company, chances are you’re experiencing growth at an incredible rate these days. Are you hiring in a way that’s going to strategically improve your products and services? Is there a cohesive experience for your customers across touch points? Are you pausing long enough to ensure that all the late nights, pressure, and quick feature releases are actually working? Or is your organization operating as the proverbial chicken with its head cut-off?

Growing Pains of the Booming Tech Industry
  • Although there are immense opportunities for tech companies to grow nowadays, many experience four types of challenges.
  • Typical growing pains concern the management of multiple digital products simultaneously, team composition, releases frequency, lack of UX research.
  • The solutions range from creating guiding experience principles to investing more in UX research.
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