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Danica Ralston

UX Consultant | U1 Group

Danica is a UX professional for pioneer Australian UX consultancy U1 Group. She is incredibly passionate about doing work that benefits people’s quality of life, and loves getting involved with projects that influence public policy. She is also extremely diligent when it comes to ethical user testing. With a background in market research, psychology, biology, international relations and political science, Danica enjoys continually growing her understanding of the psychological basis of behaviour, and exploring how people use and benefit from technology today. U1 Group is Australia’s one and only member of global UX network, UX Fellows.

A study of the UNICEF and Red Cross websites finds that a well-designed experience encourages users to behave more charitably.

Article by Danica Ralston
Share:The Positive Impact of Good UX on Non-Profits
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