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Dana Publicover

B2B Sales Experience Designer & Content Designer | Publicover & Co.

Dana Publicover is a writer, facilitator & design thinking expert who has worked with NASA, Google, McKinsey & the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The author of Empathy at Scale and founder of Publicover & Co, Dana blends UX research, content marketing and service design to transform B2B sales strategies. She recently moved from the US to Hamburg, Germany and is currently learning German from her twin toddlers.

Everything you need to know about sales experience design and practical insights on how to apply it

Sales Experience Design: The Future of Customer-Centric Services
  • Sales experience design is the sum of design thinking, experience design, service design and UX writing. Such a combination allows forging a holistic experience for customers.
  • To understand customers’ needs and find the best solution for sales experience it is vital to combine the content design component with the service design part.
  • This entails conducting UX research, testing the developed content, identifying the touchpoints and pain points of the entire process for customers.

Read the full article for perspective on how design thinking improves the sales process for services businesses.

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