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Dan Turner

Interaction Designer and UX Researcher |

There’s a surprising overlap of user advocacy in journalism and experience design; Dan hopes to bring his experience in both together and help the news industry expand and adapt. He has written for publications ranging from The New York Times and Salon to I.D. and Bicycle Guide, and is a graduate of the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley. He occasionally puts things online at twoangstroms.com.

The user interfaces presented in science fiction can be a huge source of inspiration, but designing down is often required to make them an approximate reality.

Article by Dan Turner
Share:Designing Down from Science Fiction: A Staged Approach
9 min read

When it comes to finishing Finnegans Wake, you might stand a better chance on paper than on a tablet.

Article by Dan Turner
Share:A Tablet Still Is Not a Book … Not Yet
11 min read

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