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Corrina Liao Ph.D.

Corrina Liao had extensive product design experience prior to moving to Sydney, Australia – as part of the User Experience Design Team at Dell, Inc (Singapore) and prior to that, Business Imaging Division, Hewlett Packard (Singapore).

As a Dell Senior Usability Category manager, Corrina successfully managed the usability portfolio of inkjet printers and Display (TVs, flat panel monitors & projectors) line of business during her tenure at Dell. At Hewlett Packard, Corrina played a pivotal role in setting up and mentoring a group of human factors professionals.

In Sydney, as a Senior Usability Engineer at Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd, she managed the user experience of the wireless interactive digital pen. Recent career expansion was to join Different and venture into the world of service design research. As part of the UX team at Different, Corrina innovated and delivered experience architectural deliverables such as research findings, persona and user scenarios, interaction specifications, design requirements and customer journeys across various service sectors and industries.

Currently, Corrina is working at Telstra as an UX Product Specialist. She can be contacted at [email protected]


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