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Chris Rourke

CEO at User Vision & Founding Partner at Destination | User Vision

I’m the Founder of User Vision, a leading UX and experience design and service design consultancy. I’ve has conducted projects throughout the UK and Europe, working with many blue-chip commercial companies and leading public sector organisations to provide UX, usability and accessibility support and advice. He is also presents training and regularly speaks at conferences to share his experience.

Hint: it’s everything you might overlook during the UX discovery and evaluation tests.

What are UX errors of omission and commission?
  • Errors of omission refer to the missed elements in UX design – “the content or functionality that is not there but should be”, while errors of commission concern poor interface design.
  • In contrast to errors of commission, errors of omission are way more difficult to identify. Yet, they can be a major obstacle to guaranteeing users’ satisfaction and customers retention.
  • A key step to avoiding errors of omission is to have a user-centred approach during discovery and evaluation stages.
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