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Chris Griffith

Staff Engineer in the User Experience Group | Qualcomm

Chris Griffith is a Staff Engineer in the User Experience group at Qualcomm. He has over 15 years experience in developing a wide range of prototypes for a variety of clients. He currently works with the full spectrum of the Flash Platform from mobile devices to web/desktop, as well as HTML/CSS/JS solutions. He is also an Adobe Community Professional and is presently the manager of the San Diego Flash User Group. He also has regularly been invited to speak at conferences such as Adobe MAX, 360Flex, D2WC, and various user groups. He also has been involved with the National Science Foundation’s National Science Digital Library project.

[Opinions and thoughts that are his own and  are not necessarily shared by the company that he works for.]

When designing mobile apps, weighing the value of every gesture is key for creating a positive user experience.

Share:The Cost of a Touch
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