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Brice Stokes

Brice Stokes is a Manager in the Digital Access Marketing group leading a User Experience (UX) design group in support of FedEx IT and Marketing stakeholders. The team is focused on improving the up front requirements gathering process and developing early stage prototype designs well in advance of the traditional development phase.

Over the past 10 years in the Digital Access marketing group, Brice managed various applications on fedex.com, such as online tracking, shipping, and billing, and led several strategic corporate initiatives centered on Quality Improvement and Innovation. FedEx supports more than 13 million digital customer transactions each business day, and a focus on UX is paramount in providing a superior customer experience to the marketplace.

Prior to joining FedEx, he spent time as brand project manager at Leopard, leading several eCommerce initiatives targeting the supply chain and procurement sector. Brice is a member of the Forrester Customer Experience Council, holds a B.A. from Millsaps College in Jackson, MS, and obtained his MBA from the University of Colorado.

How FedEx is improving the user experience of its systems, building an effective UX practice area, and moving the entire company toward strong UX competency.

Article by Brice Stokes, Thomas Wicinski, Mike Downey
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