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Angela Craven

Sr. UX Designer | Slice of Lime

Angela Craven is a Senior UX Designer at Slice of Lime. Working from a user-centered philosophy, she helps not only design, but also guide new solutions to user experience challenges that surface throughout user research, development and evaluation. She has worked on a number of projects ranging from software, to mobile applications, to content sources for a variety of clients including PepsiCo, Beringer Wines, MetLife, Novartis AG, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Weber Grills, Wells Fargo and ReadWriteThink (Verizon Thinkfinity). She is also an abstract painter, received her B.F.A. in painting at Colorado State University, and studied information architecture at New York University.

Answering key questions about your users, your stakeholders, and your role in a project before it begins can set the stage for success.

Article by Angela Craven
Share:Building a Solid Foundation for Efficient Design
6 min read

Sometimes the best way to work with stakeholders is through a collaborative and creative approach that fosters co-creation.

Article by Angela Craven
Share:Designing with Stakeholders? Accelerating the design process through co-creation
5 min read

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