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Andrew Wagner

Mobile Software Developer and Consultant | Chronos Interactive and Learn Brigade, LLC

Andrew Wagner tries to bridge the gap between programmer and UX designer. He has worked primarily in programming roles but has always contributed to the UX conversation.

He currently works as a developer and consultant for Chronos Interactive, a development shop focusing on both websites and mobile apps. He also developes his own apps as Learn Brigade, LLC

His current apps include:

  • Notecards – Study using virtual note cards, anywhere, anytime
  • Busy Bee Cafe – Contract app for a Cafe / Restaurant / Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina. It allows patrons to look up the current menus, events, articles, and updates.
Before starting Chronos Interacttve, Andrew worked as an independent developer as Drewag, LLC and at a startup called ShowMobile located in Denver, CO as the lead iOS developer. He also worked at Garmin developing Speech Recognition. There he brainstormed and implemented new types of speech interaction with Garmin’s navigation devices.

By finding common ground and learning from one another, UX designers and programmers can forge better environments for agile software development.

Article by Andrew Wagner
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An effective voice user interface requires solid error mitigation and the ability to actively demonstrate the capabilities of your design.

Article by Andrew Wagner
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