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Alastair Somerville

I work with global brands, cutting-edge design studios and conferences helping people understand how to use ultra human centered design with new technologies to deliver value in emerging and existing markets, internationally. With a background in Accessibility and inclusive design, I facilitate workshops, for all types of participant, on understanding how our individual senses and perception affect the use of new products and services from a human perspective. Helping staff understand more about themselves to enable them to work collaboratively developing complex and commerically viable products. I embed skills into teams so they can make beautifully engineered products which create emotional and human connections to new users and customers.

People’s autonomy is in their capacities not in their impairments. Learn how human-centred helps understand how capacities, capabilities and autonomy interact.

Human-Centered Prototyping Starts With Respect For Human Capacities
  • The authors gives his 3-step human-centered prototype model to understand how capacities, capabilities and autonomy interact:

    • Research Capacities
    • Consider Capabilities
    • Build prototypes
  • Researching capacities leads to recognizing the diversity of solutions that come from personal divergence.

  • Reviewing capabilities means looking at what tools/services/communities/assets work successfully to achieve desired outcomes.

  • While building prototypes, it is important to keep the sense of independence and individuality for users.

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