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Alanna Bent

I am a UX designer and founder of the design consulting firm, Drie Design. I create designs that blend both style and function for the new generation of users. I specialize in helping startup companies find their unique identity within the designs I create. My designs are based on extensive research and behavioral psychology. I share my designs and research with the community on my blog on Medium @alannabent.

Different biases and ways they can produce a positive experience using biases in UX design

Biases and their effects in UX Design
  • The author shares her perspective on the following biases and their effects in UX Design:
    • Motivational biases (the Ego-enhancing bias and The Effective Control bias)
    • Cognitive biases (Salience Availability, Preconceptions, and Anchoring and Perseverance)
  • Biases in UX Design:
    • The Anchoring bias
    • The Framing bias
  • Understanding the psychology of the human mind is vital in creating clean, well organized and user-friendly designs.
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Biases and their effects in UX Design

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