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Aaron Howell

Technical Director | Code d'Azur

Aaron is technical director at Code d’Azur, an interactive agency in Amsterdam. Here he leads a team of developers and also tries to focus on user experience and design. Aaron was originally educated as an architect and has a passion for design, logic and order. He worked for many years as a designer at Commarts in Boulder, CO before giving up bricks for pixels. He is a creative realist who likes to understand relationships and create solid, lasting solutions. He has more than 12 years experience in digital media and although he still thinks mainly in spatial abstraction, he now does so in crisp and clean code structures. Aaron has completed projects for The Rijksmuseam, Schiphol Airport, Tommy Hilfiger, KPN, Nikon, Shell, Sanex, Smart, LG, Campina, Chiquita, KLM, Philips, Grolsch, Médecins San Frontières and many more.

Aaron is an American who calls Amsterdam home with his wife and daughter.

Bring him an idea and he’ll help you make it better.

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