Mobile App Testing

October 25, 2012

Mobile App Testing

In Mobile App Testing you'll learn how to release high-quality mobile apps that will garner more stars. You'll learn many practical mobile-specific testing strategies as you create a complete test plan for a mobile app of your choice. No background in programming or software testing is needed.

This course is applicable for all mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and mobile web apps using HTML5. The resulting model-driven black-box test plans can be run by hand or with an automated testing system.

You'll learn how to discover bugs that commonly plague mobile apps, including glitches related to incoming calls, power cycles, low signal strength, varying form factors, and input errors that can freeze a smartphone.

Course notes, a completed case study, and a test plan template are included. The template provides all elements of a complete test plan, following the IEEE test documentation standard.

You'll learn how to check all the features of your app and its robustness in step-by-step lab exercises. When you finish the course, you'll have a complete ready-to-use test plan for your mobile app. Because the approach is platform independent, your test plan can be re-run to support cross-platform development, multiple deployment configurations, and retesting later versions.


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