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What is Empathy?

A thoughtful examination of empathy in life and in the context of design reveals that empathy is not merely about receiving, but also about giving.

Card Decks: Tactile Tools for Pattern Finders, Integrative Thinkers, and Inspiration Seekers

Card decks are an enduring tool with the power to transform digital and physical experiences by helping designers reorganize their thoughts and inspiring new interfaces

Can Technology Change the Experience of Writing?

Technology can change the ways we collect and arrange our ideas, but can it make you sit down and write that novel?

Quickpanel: More UX Futures

Jesse James Garrett, Margot Bloomstein, and Andy Polaine offer their visions for the future of UX.

Five Movements in Design That We Should Pay Attention To

As the field of experience design continues to mature, enhanced research techniques and new tactics for measuring emotional response will help us improve users' lives.