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Become a part of our team. We are always on the lookout for writers and industry experts. If you have something to say to elevate the conversation on user experience then please submit an article, review, or resource to UX Magazine. Writers for UX Magazine have access to one of the largest user experience platforms to share ideas and reach an ever-expanding global audience. Submit your articles and ideas along with information about your background and experience to contribute@uxmag.com.

Areas of Contribution

UX Magazine currently accepts contributions in the following areas:


Regular Articles
UX Magazine's regular articles are thoughtful, informative pieces of roughly 1,500 words. Articles can be case studies, opinion pieces, analyses, studies, and other types of perspective on the UX field and related areas. Articles must provide value to readers by educating them, providing them with tools to aid in their work and their interactions with other professionals, helping them to advocate on behalf of UX and related business and design practices, or giving them examples of good and bad UX to serve as a model for their work.
Reviews can be of books and other UX resources; of websites, software, and other technology products that are interesting examples of UX in the real world; or of design and development tools that may be useful to UX practitioners. Reviews of websites, software, and technology products needn't necessarily be of the entire experience; reviews can be of small aspects of solutions like a specific interaction design solution, a particular approach to copywriting and nomenclature, or some other such narrow part of a product. The point of a review can be to tell readers about the value of a product, or to teach them about UX by looking at a specific solution or idea. Please note: reviews can be submitted by invitation only. Please do not write a review without first contacting us.
Short News
Our short news section is intended to bring attention to interesting developments in the UX, technology, and related business world, and to connect people to interesting new resources, information, and humor that may not warrant an entire regular article. We can never keep up with high-volume technology sites like Gizmodo or Slashdot, so we're looking for things that might have slipped through the cracks, or information that may come from other industries but would be useful to UX professionals.
Business UX Leaders
The UX Business Leaders series includes examples of how large companies have implemented UX strategies broadly across their organizations, or of how isolated UX initiatives are starting to shift thinking and show value. We'd like to give other large companies positive examples to emulate and to use as an indication that the path toward better UX is lower risk and more rewarding than they may fear. We are looking for in-depth pieces by UX leaders and decision-makers to learn:
  • How they discerned the need for an investment in UX
  • How they built support for UX internally, and how they formulated the ROI model and accounted for soft benefits
  • What challenges they faced, and how they overcame them
  • How UX interacted with IT and with stakeholders
  • How any of this might have affected their organization, or what changes might have been necessary at a high or structural level prior to embarking on a UX initiative
  • What the payoffs of investmentin UX have been
  • Etc.


We leave the selection of topics for articles up to our contributors, and rely on contributors to help set the direction of our editorial by deciding what topics are compelling, innovative, unique, or underexplored. We can work with you to develop topic ideas and content, help you editing, or provide whatever assistance you need.

Before writing your article, we recommend that you first discuss the topic selection with us. We can help you choose amongst topics, or focus a topic to be best for our audience.

After settling on a topic, it’s usually best to create an outline before beginning writing so we can help you further focus the content before you commit too much time. Once you have feedback from our team on your outline, you can submit a first draft at anytime. If you already have an article written, please feel free to submit that without an outline.

After your contribution has been submitted, it will go through our editorial process and we will work with you on any necessary adjustments and your article is published on UX Magazine. We usually only go through one draft with our contributors. We're lucky enough to work with people who already have strong, focused ideas, so the only draft review tends to be a copy editing exercise. If you need more help in developing an article, though, we're happy to provide it.

Before your article is published we will ask for your biographical details to fill out your author profile. You can send this to us along with your outline or first draft or anytime before publication. This information includes:

  • A short bio (2-4 sentences)
  • A long bio (as long as you want)
  • How you'd like your name to appear on our site
  • Your title and company name, if applicable
  • Your area of expertise
  • Any links to websites or social tools (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flikr, RSS, etc.)
  • you'd like to share
  • The title of any books that you have written
  • A headshot, cropped square to 300x300 px. If you send us a large photo, we can crop it for you

Style Guidelines

Since UX Magazine is a magazine and not a blog, we have to be careful with some aspects of the style of the articles we publish. We want our content to read like a magazine and we feel that the credibility of analytical content can be undermined by an overly conversational presentation. Please don’t take this to mean that your article needs to be stiff or dry, or that you need to remove your personality from it., we just try to stick to a more expository style using the third person so it reads like analysis in a periodical, rather than as opinion in a blog.

Article Length

The articles that are published on UX Magazine are limited to around 1,500 words. We occasionally publish longer pieces if they are broken up with strong organization and graphics, or if they're feature quality. Short articles are great too; people often have very substantive things to say in 500 words or less.

Terms and Conditions

You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in content you submit, post, or display on or through UX Magazine. By submitting, posting, or displaying the content you give UX Magazine a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute the content.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you. If you have any questions or you are ready to submit a contribution to UX Magazine, please contact us at contribute@uxmag.com.