Just finished reading the article Microsoft takes email design back 5 years over at campaign monitor. Looks like Microsoft is literally taking back all that we knew about HTML email design… And I thought Lotus Notes sucked!

Read more from Microsoft: Word 2007 HTML and CSS Rendering Capabilities in Outlook 2007


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!nso: You might be right up to a point. The fact is that the Word 2007 has limited rendering capabilities, as Microsoft clearly states in the link I’ve provided above (here it is again)

And as for simple email, I agree also. Simple is better. God knows I’ve been designing for Lotus… But we’re not the ones that need convincing. Our clients are, and they want everything…

Has anyone seen Word 2007? Is there a chance that the new Word’s HTML rendering engine is up to the challenge?

Besides, it really is annoying to receive massive, complex html emails with lots of styling that look like crap without css/images.

I don’t think this is as bad as it seems. Designing simpler, to-the-point emails will be a positive thing for everyone

No, you’re right; Lotus Notes does suck.

Shane, Seth: Obviously moving to a Mac won’t solve any of your problems (got knows how many times I wanted to).

The real issue here is that email will be downgraded from we’ve been accustomed to. I could move to another system, but my clients won’t so I’d still have the same problems.

I guess there should be some sort of WaSP but for email clients.


You could buy a Mac and call Microsoft and tell them you did…wait I doubt they’d care…nevermind

Is there anything that we can do?