Lyle Alzaldo and his friends have produced another fun "I ♥ UX Design" animation. In case you missed it, make sure to watch the first video here.

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Thanks for the link, and yes - it's hard to find anything to object to in this lighthearted video.

Guess it was just on the mind, given the subject.

@Tim, this conversation has been had before:

I personally don't think the distinction you make matters on a practical level... it's overly precise semantic hair-splitting. Whether you want to call it "UX design" or "designing for UX," it's hard to find anything to object to in this lighthearted video.

Isn't it a bit naive?

Although we can design FOR a great UX, isn't it a bit naive to think we could literally DESIGN a "user experience" that a user might have with a brand, at any and every level of interaction (physically & mentally)?

In this context, I don't feel the title "UX Designer" is accurate. INHO, the belief that anyone could literally design an experience hints of a god complex.

At best, we can develop a UX strategy, taking into account that UX is organic and consists of many variables - that certainly can't be designed, because we DO NOT control the user's thoughts or actions, but rather elicit them.

Am I alone in this opinion?

The title "UX designer" insinuates much more control than any designer actually has.