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UX Magazine is free a community resource exploring all facets of experience design. Our editorial team works closely with experienced professionals from all areas of UX to provide current, informative, and credible articles and other content on a weekly basis. We also work closely with industry leaders to put special focus on elements of experience design that warrant a closer look.

Our field is rapidly evolving as diverse industries are continually looking for effective ways integrate user-centered design into their operations. We put a premium on providing resources that explain at how UX fits into technology initiatives, customer experience strategies, design thinking, project planning, and organizational dynamics. Our goal is to create an environment where people and companies from within and outside of UX can collaborate and learn from each other. Through UX Magazine and our larger Design for Experience initiative, we are working to broaden and deepen the conversations and thinking surrounding user-centered research and design.

All article content in UX Magazine is subject to editorial approval and primary editorial responsibility rests with our staff. UX Magazine is a serial, online publication, and our ISSN is 2168-5681

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UX Magazine was founded in 2005 by:

Alexandre Schleifer, Founder and Editor Emeritus - bio

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