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Podcasts ›› Practical tales of conversational AI with IDEO with Jenna Fizel and Danny DeRuntz, IDEO

Practical tales of conversational AI with IDEO with Jenna Fizel and Danny DeRuntz, IDEO

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Robb and Josh welcome Jenna Fizel (Senior Director, Emerging Technology) and Danny DeRuntz (Executive Design Director) of IDEO for a practical exploration of building conversational experiences focusing on their creation, Lotbot. The conversation branches out into the many facets of digital twins, the languages machines might use to communicate with each other, and the blurring edges between bots and brands.

Danny Deruntz is an Executive Design Director at IDEO, boasting over 25 years of hands-on experience in design consulting. His career has been defined by shaping products, services, and prototypes to explore the evolving relationship between emerging technologies and human experiences. With a focus on interaction design, emerging tech (like XR, blockchain, and AI), and software expertise, Danny transforms everyday tasks into delightful experiences. He actively collaborates with emerging designers and entrepreneurs, bringing ideas to life in tangible solutions.

Jenna Fizel is a seasoned software developer and designer, adept at crafting innovative mixed physical/digital solutions for complex challenges. With extensive experience in interface design, information visualization, and rapid prototyping, Jenna’s expertise spans XR, computational geometry, generative design, and more. They have a background in diverse areas such as fashion/tech and omnichannel retail, and their current role at IDEO reflects their passion for merging code and creativity.

Danny and Jenna are also co-creators of the Duct Tape AI blog on Medium: https://medium.com/duct-tape-ai

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