These days, as we all have witnessed that there are multiple platforms based smartphones waving in the market. Thus, it has become very imperative that every app should come with all the major mobile platforms’ compatibility and offers a greater “User Experience”. The smarter mobile applications optimize the business tasks and insist more users to engage. There are numerous of application development frameworks utilized by the application development company. Now, the question is that which platform should be opted and why! All the frameworks ensure amazing experience, but never give same functionality for different domains. Hence, if you are going for the “web based mobile apps”, then “PhoneGap” is the best.  


PhoneGap: Brief Introduction    


PhoneGap App Development has made the clear-cut marks in the sector of cross-platform mobile application development within 5 years of inception. PhoneGap is an open source application development that is based on major web technologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All these prove that PhoneGap is the finest option in deploying cross-platform and highly-interactive web applications. 


What PhoneGap Can Provide 


Developing Mobile Web App on “PhoneGap” is very rewarding in every sector. PhoneGap app development framework has been featured with powerful factors that ensure amazing experience to the users. Many of amazing features are given below:


Let’s have a Glimpse over Features:


  • Compatible Support on Cross-Platforms: The Blackberry, iPhone 3G, Symbian, Bada and  WebOs  are some of the major platforms that are utilized by various smartphones  worldwide. PhoneGap apps are compatible with all these platforms. Thus, it ensures that maximum of maximum users to be engaged with the applications at ease.

  • Native Feature Support: PhoneGap application can easily interact with the trendiest features, like Accelerometer, Camera, Contact, File, Geo-location, Media, Network, Notification, Storage,  File and lots more. This makes the phone highly-interactive and ensures smooth “User Experience”. 
  • Multiple Backend Platform Support: It is easy to establish communication between PhoneGap application and backend services written in any language (.NET, Java, PHP, ASP)  with the help of network protocols, such as Web Sockets, XmlHTTPRequest, etc. It ensures that the PhoneGap app can remotely access business processes at ease.  

  • Innovative Application Development Support: PhoneGap application framework provides integrated environment, encompassing all functional widgets that aid in developing various kind of applications that can work in different sectors, like Entertainment, Education, Gaming, Business Enterprise and lots more.


Why to Hire Development Company


PhoneGap application development framework is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hence, it has been easy to develop application for those, who know all these technologies very well. But, for developing the application that can work for major task, it is required for the business enterprise to go for “PhoneGap App Development Company”. 


The good PhoneGap App Development Company knows about the market demand, trending technology and how to build the effective mobile based web application that is easy to user as well as procure powerful & minimalistic architecture. So, the business enterprise can utilize it easily and maintain frivolously. Hence, it is important to outsource the PhoneGap development company.