Why Learning Management Systems?

Phobos LMS
October 30, 2013

A learning management system (LMS) is an application or online information system used to plan, execute and evaluate a particular learning process. Basically, by using it instructors can evolve and deliver teaching content, monitor learner participation, keep track of progress and finally assess their performance too. It is not just being used in schools or colleges but also but large and small corporations for their employee training and knowledge management. Government bodies also widely use LMS today for delivering state as well as federal mandated material, regulatory policy implementation etc.

Most of these LMSs have modules including users, course and instructor management, course calendar, messaging, notifications, evaluations or tests, reports, grading, web based course delivery etc. In an organization it helps to manage and track the skill set of its staffs and analyze them against business goals. This provides insights to skills gap and hence can lead to recommendations on prescriptive learning solutions for rectification. It is both time and cost effective. 

It also facilitates the ways and means of proper administration through reports monitoring, approvals, registrations and verifications. Most of these can be customized and can be suited to personal or organizational needs. In organizations LMSs can be used for talent management. For instance it helps in succession planning, performance management, operation appraisals, goals orientation and employee processes development etc.

Notable benefits of using an LMS are:

Saves hours of time:

  1. Unlike traditional method of delivery
  2. Can be easily organized and scheduled
  3. Immediate training access
  4. Reusable courses
  5. Materials can be imported and collaborated
  6. Instant sharing
  7. On time delivery

Reduced costs:

=> Lowered delivery costs
=> Reduces employee travel
=> No instructor payments
=> Optimized training resources
=> Streamlining administration
=> No paperwork
=> More value for investment

Learn Anywhere Anytime:

* No travel required
* 24/7 from any location with web access
* Real time training
* Mobile device capabilities
* Centralized location

Ensure Regulatory Compliance:

1) Monitor, manage and report legally required training
2) Suitable for Industries related to chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, construction etc
3) Safety programs are common
4) Ensures required certification

Easy content customization:

  • Easy design and deployment
  • Variety of formats and languages
  • Hosted in a central location
  • Instant update and access
  • Easy upload of new product and service
  • Real time monitoring of participants
  • Recommendations and ratings

Effective evaluation:

  1. Construct quizzes or questionnaires
  2. Immediate capabilities evaluation
  3. Automate Grading
  4. Setup certification process
  5. Pre and post assessment to track progress
  6. Periodic administration

Ensure training Consistency:

!) Leverage content standards such as SCORM and AICC

!!) Single universal content

!!!) Information consolidation

!!!!) Effective collaboration

Tracking and Reporting:

=> Comprehensive metrics

=> Generate training reports, course reports, user reports & compliance reports

=> Track utilization

=> Track goal progress

=> Track ROI

=> Intelligent Insights With Reports & Stats

=> Review records of success

Current trends are favoring increase of e-learning applications. By bridging the gap within traditional classroom training and enabling great content to be created and managed, LMS appears to be very promising.