Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide

Jared Spool, Tara Scanlon, Carolyn Snyder, Terri DeAngelo
December 1, 1998


Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide is a report that every person involved in Web design, commerce, or online marketing will want to have. This book is, undoubtedly, the most comprehensive data demonstrating how Web sites actually work when users need specific answers. Researched and compiled by User Interface Engineering, the results are written in an easy to understand style, illustrating the need to make Web sites useful, not complicated. 


  • Based on an extensive study of actual users -- not theory, not graphic design principles, and not new tricks to make a "cool" Web sites
  • Demonstrates how people actually navigate and extract information on Web sites
  • Offers guidance for evaluating and improving the usability of Web sites