Drupal is often touted to be as the CMS of abundance. It is extremely scalable and offers some of the best feature rich functionalities to a website, which most of its counterparts can only dream of providing. However, working with the Drupal environment can be a bit intimidating, even for seasoned developers. Just like great power should be accompanied by greater responsibilities, you need to hire highly “responsible” developers to do justice to Drupal CMS development project.

The fundamental skill set for hiring

While hiring an employee for the company, one always look for the obvious set of personal characteristics, such as good communication skills, an eye for detail, self motivation, and the ability to fit into the work culture of the organization, easily. While these fundamentals play an important role in hiring Drupal developers too, the very nature and importance of the project urges the process to include other fundamentals specific to the nature of Drupal.

Essential attributes in a Drupal Developer

While hiring Drupal developers, there is a specific skill set that one should look forward to. Prior to starting with the process, you need to understand that Drupal does not work like most of the other development tools do. The conventional means of designing everything first and then developing it does not work in Drupal environment. Perhaps we should rephrase our statement here: What we mean to say is that though one can design and develop with Drupal, in the most conventional and old-school fashion, Drupal is only going to be in the way of such a development approach.

The best way to work with this CMS is in the smaller teams of 2-3 people with each Drupal developer having proven talents in multiple disciplines. The programmer needs to be well versed with both front end and back end development, should have enough exposure in designing user interfaces and graphical designs and service designs etc. Additionally, the developer should have intensive experience in the optimum practices of vertical businesses. Of course, it is not easy to find a programmer qualifying in all of these areas with perfect ease, but the closer you get, the better it would be.

In addition to the above mentioned criteria, we should know that since Drupal is a modular framework, the developer should be able to customize the modules as per the requirements of the project and hence should be able to add value to the development process.

Hiring Drupal Developers and the Choices

When it comes to your Drupal development project, there are a number of options available for you. From starting an in-house staff, to outsourcing the entire project to an offshore company or by hiring Drupal programmers on per hour or per project basis and get the job done in a stead-fast way. Where starting an in-house unit could be a bit tedious and over bearing, outsourcing the project to and offshore company may prove out to be profitable, but is a tad bit risky, since you would have to trust an offshore company with your project. Hiring freelance developers might be the cheapest, but on the risk front, it appears on top. You may any day opt for an offshore company providing money back guarantees and having a nice profile. However, based on the books and policies of your business and the risk taking capabilities, make the right choice.