Crank™ Storyboard™ Suite enables user interface (UI) designers to easily prototype the look and feel of a product, and then move the prototype directly to the embedded target for deployment. UI designers maintain full control over the UI and user experience (UX) without having to perform a hand off to an embedded systems engineer for implementation.

Graphic designers can easily import Adobe Photoshop PSD files with Storyboard Designer. Once the PSD file is imported into Storyboard Designer the embedded engineer can quickly start applying actions and events to controls of the application.

Traditionally UI development is serialized but Storyboard Designer uses a parallel approach where multiple team members can collaborate and work seamlessly together throughout the entire product development cycle.

Using this approach the graphic designer can create the initial UI and import those images into Storyboard Designer. From there the embedded developer can start immediately on attaching actions and events to those imported files. The graphics artist can continue evolving the UI at the same time as the embedded engineer is adding complexity to the underlying software foundation of the product. They can stay in sync by using the Collaboration view within Storyboard Designer and compare changes and merge the individual components they require.

Storyboard Designer includes a simulator enabling the engineer to test the application in real time. Not only do designers and engineers automatically see the visual changes to the application in Storyboard Designer but they can also run the simulator to see the application function in real time and know it will perform the same way on the embedded target. The engineer can click on buttons, enter text, etc. and get a feel for how the application with perform before exporting to the target device.

With broad based embedded CPU, OS and graphic technology support, deploying a newly designed application is just a matter of exporting the data bundle to the target platform, as straightforward as copy and pasting a few files. There is no code to compile with Storyboard Designer. The application is converted to a data bundle that the Storyboard Engine interprets.

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