Professional Web Design: The Best of Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine
February 8, 2011

Create Fantastic Web Sites with Advice From Some of the Best in the Industry

Professional Web Design presents guidelines for professional Web development, including communicating with clients, creating a road map to a successful portfolio, rules for professional networking, and tips on designing user interfaces for business Web applications. Inside you’ll find some of the best of Smashing Magazine’s coverage of professional Web design and the business side of Web development, with advice from trusted experts who will help you learn how to respond effectively to design criticism, use storytelling for a better user experience, and apply color theory to your professional designs.

Topics covered include:

    Harsh Truths about Corporate Web Site – Paul Boag
    Portofolio Design Study: Design Patterns – Vitaly Friedman
    Creating a Successful Online Portfolio – Sean Hodge
    Better User Experience with Storytelling – Francisco Inchauste
    Designing User Interfaces for Business Web Applications – Janko Jovanovic
    Progressive Enhancement and Standards Do Not Limit Web Design – Christian Heilmann
    Color Theory for Professional Designers – Cameron Chapman
    Is John the Client Dense or Are You Failing Him? – Paul Boag
    How to Identify and Deal with Different Types of Clients – Robert Bowen
    How to Respond Effectively to Design Criticism – Andrew Follett
    Web Designer’s Guide to Professional Networking – Steven Snell
    Expert Advice for New Web Designers – Various

Proving clear, concise advice from industry experts, Professional Web Design will help you get started on creating fantastic Web sites with top tips and advice from some of the best in the industry.

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