Patternry Design Pattern Library Builder

Janne Lammi, Johannes Hocksell, Matti Varjokallio
January 16, 2012

Patternry Library Builder is the fastest way to build a user interface design pattern library for your organization. Designers and developers can use Patternry to document, share, and collaborate on their design patterns and components.

Consistent, usable user interfaces get built when developers and designers communicate and share their ideas clearly. Patternry makes this happen. Other benefits of having a user interface design pattern library include:
-Consistent user interfaces.
-Decreased design and development cycle times.
-Design documentation that people actually use.
-Increased design knowledge.
-Supporting culture towards UX.

P.S. We have also an Open Web design pattern library that is free to copy, reuse and adapt, under Creative Commons license. Use it to find solutions to your design problems, get inspired, or if you’re new to design patterns, just take a look to see what they are all about.