Online Card Sorting Tool with instant results

October 20, 2013

Card sorting is a technique used in Information Architecture (AI). It involves participants using logic while sorting and labeling content or "cards" into groups. Typically there are two types of Card Sorting tests: Open and Closed. At usabiliTEST we also offer the third type: Hybrid, which is a combination of the first two. This approach offers you a greater flexibility in your research capabilities.

Open Card Sorting
Participants sort index cards into logical groups and create their own names for the new categories.

Closed Card Sorting
Participants are provided with a predetermined set of category names. They then assign the index cards to these fixed categories.

Hybrid Card Sorting
This is a combination of both Closed and Open Card Sorts. Primarily this starts as a Closed Sort, where you provide pre-defined categories, however if participants do not find an appropriate category they can create and name their own.

usabliTEST has built-in data analytic tools that save you time by providing instant results. You can view your test data as raw numbers, percentages, or distance matrix. Charting features allow you to visualize it as either a multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) plot or a dendrogram. You also have the option of exporting your data in multiple formats so it can be used with your choice of tools.