HTML5 Solutions: Essential Techniques for HTML5 Developers

Marco Casario, Peter Elst, Nathalie Wormser, Charles Brown
June 14, 2011

HTML5 brings the biggest changes that HTML has seen in years. Web designers and developers now have a whole host of new techniques up their sleeves, from displaying video and audio natively in HTML, to creating realtime graphics directly on a web page without the need for a plugin. But all of these new technologies bring more tags to learn and more avenues for things to go wrong. HTML5 Solutions provides a collection of solutions to all of the most common HTML5 problems. Every solution contains sample code that is production-ready and can be applied to any project.
What you’ll learn
Real-world solutions for everyday HTML development, saving hours of frustration. Problems covered include:

    Sending multi-bitrate videos to different devices
    Creating custom video components
    Programming a custom video controller 
    Designing a canvas with custom gradients
    Capturing and drawing images 
    Storing data offline using the Web SQL Databases
    Dragging data from the desktop into the browser
    Creating HTML5 WebSockets

Who this book is for

Web developers and designers seeking practical advice on making HTML5 sites work.
Table of Contents

    HTML5 Page Structures
    HTML5 Markup
    Structural and Semantic Elements
    HTML5 Forms
    HTML5 Media Elements: Audio and Video
    HTML5 Drawing APIs
    HTML5 Canvas
    HTML5 Communication APIs
    HTML5 WebSockets
    HTML5 Geolocation API
    HTML5 Local Storage
    HTML5 Accessibility